About Certifications

Why do we even have certifications?

We started without certifications but focused on enhancing and building skills in leaders because we saw a gap between theory and concrete practice in this space.

There are three main reasons why we introduced certificates:

  1. Our customers requested it. It’s that simple. Many want proof of skills acquired in the form of a certificate.
  2. We want leadership to be recognized as a craft, not a (god-given) position.
  3. We want to encourage people to apply their knowledge in real life, and to get a certificate, you have to do just that.

Criteria for getting certification

It should not be easy to become certified. Our certification is not evidence of having taken a class; it’s evidence that you can apply your new skills in real life.

The main criteria are:

  • A certified trainer runs the training
  • You have at least 80% attendance
  • You understand the concepts and why they work
  • You have demonstrated that you can apply these concepts in your real-life workplace