About the platform

Active Agile Leadership (AAL) is a platform for leadership training for the creative, innovative and lifelong-learning leaders who push the boundaries.

You will find useful practices, stories and trainings on AAL. To understand more about our story, please take a look at The difference.

The Active Agile Mindset

All the material on the Active Agile platform – from trainings to articles- should combine there three qualities:

  • Scientific/Evidence based – Evidence based not fiction
  • Millennial compatible – Engaging and concise
  • Practical – The insights and knowledge should be practical and applicable

To understand more about our leadership philosophy take a look our perspective on the leadership mindset.

Roles on the platform

Content Champions

A Content Champion is our “sensei” in a specific field. He/she distills the essential practices that you need to master in this area.

Our Content Champions also review and suggest training materials in their respective field. Finally, since knowledge never stands still, our Content Champions are of course actively engaged in broadening the understanding and building up the knowledge base in their field.


Our Producers build and evolve training materials on AAL. They are often experts in their fields. More importantly, they know how to make the material engaging and insightful – what we call “millennium compatible”.

As a Producer, you earn a percentage of the license fee per participant from each completed training course.


Trainers bring knowledge to the field. As a trainer, you can run one or more training courses based on the accreditations.

As a trainer, you can use the base package of training material produced by the Producer and, if you have the skill and motivation, build your own material based on your training style. However, if you do so, you must follow the curriculum, practices and key learning points.

This gives trainers a dual benefit, you can get started quickly with the base setup and expand your reach and portfolio of training courses. For those of you who want to make your mark with your own unique training style and have the skills to do so, we make it easy for you!

Trainers who wish to use their own training materials pay a small fee to Content Champions to have their training materials reviewed and approved.


Our Practitioners are our true heroes, they are people who have a track record of small and big acts of leadership and who make a difference in the field. They are also our primary feedback mechanism to learn “what works”, allowing us to evolve and improve our content.


Do you certify practitioners who successfully complete courses on the AAL?

Yes we do. Training courses come with a validation of your understanding of the topic at hand and a certificate of completion. A certificate is awarded by the Course Producer and reviewed by the Content Champion.