Online training – Set the direction in Agile Environments – live!

“I believe that C-level managers and engineering leaders should only
give autonomy to their teams when they manage to create
organization-level alignment first. If you’re unable to align your
company towards common goals, you can’t afford to have self-managed
– Richard Eklund, CTO, Tibber

How do you do that? To give practical help, Active Agile today launch the online training “Strategy – How to set a direction in Agile environments”.

Built on learnings from real companies and strategy experts Stephen Bungay & Mark Bouch.

Why it matters? Scale-up and start-up companies that believe they can do without strategy, take on unacceptable risk and wake up too late – something very visible this year.

What is inside:

  • What is strategy (and when do you need one) [free content]
  • How to detect a good strategy from a poor one
  • How to facilitate alignment on the direction
  • Situational awareness
  • Back beifing
  • Downladable templates

Take it for a spin!