Organisational Agility

Course Producer
Mattias Skarin & Jan Grape

Why it matters

Why it matters

How do you form an organization that supports Agility? Few frameworks answer this question, yet it is a critical problem that has to be solved by each company that wants to be Agile.

In this class, we walk you through key patterns used by successful companies along their improvement journey, why they were used and what issues they address. These companies range from small to big, from line managers’ responsibility to strategy alignment. This toolbox will help you shape your organization as it improves over time.

Particpant quotes

”Just taken the Organizational Agility training course led by the excellent Agile leadership coaches Jan Grape and Mattias Skarin. Feels great to finish a busy week with new insights and energy. A few key takeaways:

  • Small batch sizes and the importance of sequence versus parallelization
  • The loss of productivity at handovers
  • Optimize on system level
  • Importance of clear purpose and mission for teams”

– Martin Wennerblom, Marketing Director Inmotion

Learning labs

Organisational Agility

  • What makes you slow (and how to fix it)
    • Reducing distractions
    • Creating focus
    • Managing and removing dependencies
  • Transforming organizations
    • The 5 levers for organizational Agility
    • Two types of scaling
  • Organizational patterns for the team based organization
  • Organizational patterns for Scaling
    • Value stream organization
  • Portfolio management
    • Lean budgeting/Budgeting made easy
  • Reward systems and career ladders
    • Striking the balance
    • Rewarding growth
  • Establishing a continuous improvement culture
    • Measuring success
    • Leading change


On Site Training

2 days

Remote Trainings

2  days